Solo Exhibition: Beyond Indifference

May 20th through June 20th, 2017

Opening, Saturday, May 20th, 6-9, Alvarez Gallery, 96 Bedford Street, Stamford, CT 06901

Beyond Indifference

Beyond Indifference is a collection of mixed media works assembled from decorative and domestic objects commonly associated with the “feminine”. Materials and medium, through personal association, evoke memory and emotion. The series is not a memorial but rather moves with the subject of misogyny and the questions of gender. The work is both a product of the changing worlds around it and an element of interaction with these worlds. The objects of the work are the objects of the worlds with which it is concerned. By incorporating materials of lived experience – cookware, appliances, and décor – the work challenges a purist aesthetic hierarchy that privileges one set of materials over another based on gender association. This is an exhibition of history, politics, and lived life.