Gender. Race. Age. Intelligence. Marriage. Groundhog Day. Language follows specific rules, and these rules of language shape how we understand the world. Meaning and ideas exist because people in a group or society believe them to be authentic and valid. As a result, language isn't neutral. It emphasizes certain things while ignoring others. When a community's accepted beliefs about power and privilege are perceived as an objective reality of truth, it can have serious social, cultural, and political consequences.


My art practice challenges social constructs in the United States through precisely made artwork organized into collections. My work covers various topics and techniques that examine the profound damage done to communities, families, and individuals through behavior, media, policy, and institutions. A common thread running through my practice is the research involved in making the artwork. My study informs the medium, materials, and imagery I use in a series. During the extensive labor of creating the work, the subject becomes emotionally and intellectually alive for me. The touch of material, repetitive movement, and problem-solving provide clarity and understanding of my research.